WOW - this is one of my favorite fragrances...and I just LOVE this new square glass candle holder! I decided not to color this one - but i can color them in any color, and use any candle scent currently in stock.

I brought one to my office - and everyone just loved the fragrance. I predict it will be a top seller. Fresh and crisp - just fabulous!

Soy candles are great and environmentally friendly - they are after all a renewable resource grown right here in the U.S. Completely biodegradable.

Soy candles burn up to 25% longer! They produce little to no soot - especially with proper wick maintenance (keep wick trimmed after each use).

We also use cotton wicks. Cotton core wicks tend to "mushroom" less than other wicks. Mushrooming leads to increased soot production due to carbon build up.


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