Now that I have many of the candles wrapped... (see photo) I am having a fun day making some custom vegan lip smackers, breast cancer awareness soap and playing with the dead sea mud. I have been reading up on dead sea mud - very interesting.


Studies show that the minerals found in the Dead Sea provide your body and skin with extensive benefits, such as:- Helping to balance and maintain proper water and moisture levels.- Helping to promote the healing of skin tissue.- Helping to prevent and cure allergies and gives the skin surface an anti-allergic protection.- Helping to protect against airborne pollutants.- Helping to counteract internal toxins.- Aiding relaxation and promoting a soothing effect.

Could all of that be true? What I have noticed is that when I wash my face with it - I do seem to feel better circulation. Maybe I will try it on my broken foot and see if it helps!

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