Do you suffer with eczema? I did for years! I created this balm made from natural oils (essential and others) to help me with those itchy bumps and red areas on my hands. I'm happy to say, I no longer suffer from this condition!

It is very important for people with sensitive skin to be aware of the products they use on their hair, body, dishes, etc. as most allergies seem to come from contact with products containing detergents and other additives to either make them foam, or smell better, etc. etc.

Here are just a few comments from my satisfied customers:

This cream is amazing!! It is healing my husband's eczema that has resisted anything that western medicine has to offer (stuff that only made it worse). And it smells wonderful. I'm buying more today!

I've been using this cream for a day now and I really like it; it stays on a lot longer than other creams!

Very helpful and knowledgable. Fast shipping too - thanks! Oh, and the Excema cream really seems to be helping. I'll be a returning customer

This is really starting to help my boyfriends extremely irritated eczema. Thank you for all of your valuable communications and fast shipping. Great to do business with.

If you have questions I'd love to hear from you. Due to popular demand, I have been making this product in larger quantities - if interested, please ask.

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    nĂ­ Lochlainn said...

    What an utterly fantastic idea! Does it have any scent? My aunt doesn't have anything other than vicious allergies, and it severely limits her skin care regime. Let me know - I'll pick some up for her!

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