Hi all,

I'm sorry for the delay in posting anything new! I've been a bit tied up with a broken foot...and haven't been creating or doing much of anything except elevating! However, with that being said, I did manage to try a few new candle fragrances and was told by one of my loyal candle customers, that the Root Beer fragrances is fabulous and has scented his room with just a tea light! I will be testing many new candle fragrances over the next two weeks and will take some pictures and provide information about them as well.

ALSO - i have been working hard on my new hair oil treatments...now don't see the word oil and think YUCK. Oil treatments are great for your hair, and if used weekly, can eliminate the need for "conditioner" which really doesn't do much because it isn't there long enough (ok, another blog topic another time)

If you are interested in trying my oil treatments for your hair, let me know your hair and scalp condition and I will be happy to send you a sample!

Have a great Saturday.

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