We make this gentle little bar just for babies (although it is fine for anyone, especially those who do not want any fragrance at all in their soap).
Made with olive oil and rice bran oil, this is a mild bar gentle enough for sensitive skin.

AND, I'd like to thank my wonderful son Kyle for taking this picture for me with his new camera! I think its a great photo! THANKS KYLE...I love you!!!

Do you suffer with eczema? I did for years! I created this balm made from natural oils (essential and others) to help me with those itchy bumps and red areas on my hands. I'm happy to say, I no longer suffer from this condition!

It is very important for people with sensitive skin to be aware of the products they use on their hair, body, dishes, etc. as most allergies seem to come from contact with products containing detergents and other additives to either make them foam, or smell better, etc. etc.

Here are just a few comments from my satisfied customers:

This cream is amazing!! It is healing my husband's eczema that has resisted anything that western medicine has to offer (stuff that only made it worse). And it smells wonderful. I'm buying more today!

I've been using this cream for a day now and I really like it; it stays on a lot longer than other creams!

Very helpful and knowledgable. Fast shipping too - thanks! Oh, and the Excema cream really seems to be helping. I'll be a returning customer

This is really starting to help my boyfriends extremely irritated eczema. Thank you for all of your valuable communications and fast shipping. Great to do business with.

If you have questions I'd love to hear from you. Due to popular demand, I have been making this product in larger quantities - if interested, please ask.

Hi all,

I'm sorry for the delay in posting anything new! I've been a bit tied up with a broken foot...and haven't been creating or doing much of anything except elevating! However, with that being said, I did manage to try a few new candle fragrances and was told by one of my loyal candle customers, that the Root Beer fragrances is fabulous and has scented his room with just a tea light! I will be testing many new candle fragrances over the next two weeks and will take some pictures and provide information about them as well.

ALSO - i have been working hard on my new hair oil treatments...now don't see the word oil and think YUCK. Oil treatments are great for your hair, and if used weekly, can eliminate the need for "conditioner" which really doesn't do much because it isn't there long enough (ok, another blog topic another time)

If you are interested in trying my oil treatments for your hair, let me know your hair and scalp condition and I will be happy to send you a sample!

Have a great Saturday.

I have two new lip balms in stock. Chai Tea Flavor and Cucumber Melon. Made with our usual shea butter and avocado oil, we also added some natural sweetner to give our lip balm a little sweet lift.

You won't be disappointed.