I just finished making several travel tin candles. Made with soy wax for longer burning, clearning burning and almost soot free candles! THINK GREEN reuse the tin once you are done with your candle...although you better not be in a hurry to use the tin, because these candles burn a long time 15-20 hours. Remember never leave a candle unattended, let it liquify at least across the top before extinquishing and keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4 inch.

I have MANY fragrances available - here are a few:
Hawaiian Breeze
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee
Rose Hip & Tea
Wildberry Mousse
Citronella (great for those summer nights outside!)
Drakkar Noir (type)
Endless Love (type)
Orange Blossom
Coconut Lime Verbena
Midnight Pomegranata
Lemon Lavender
Cucumber Melon
Sex Wax Memories (smells like the wax I used on my surf board many years ago)
Peach Slices
Carrot Cake
Cinnamon Buns

Price is $4.50 each. Shipping is $1.85

I think these are just the cutest little shea butter soap booties! For party favors they will be wrapped in soft white tissue and then in tule with a ribbon and a card with information from the event - i.e. "Sally's Baby Shower, May 7, 2009" A nice personalized favor!

I will be offering them for $3.75 each or with a minimum order of 15, you will get a 15% discount.

They are available in white, green, yellow, blue and pink. Fragrances are: sweet pea, cucumber melon, lemon sugar, wild rose! Although I have many more fragrances so there are other possibilities!

These soaps weigh about 4 oz. Aren't they just so cute! Great gift for the new mom to be, or a fun way to send out announcements to friends!