Green Mango - let me describe the fragrance - tropical blend of mango, peach, coconut, melon and berry has a twist of orange and a splash of spruce. The herbal and ozone top notes are sweetened with a base note of vanilla. Unusual, fruity, spicy and ... super!

I absolutely love this new soap. I haven't been posting much lately - but this was well worth the effort!

I finally have time to get back at some soap making! Today I am making Orange Satsuma soap with Shea Butter - this will be a great soap for the entire family! Also today I will be making our fabulous Hemp Soap with Hemp butter.

Want some info on hemp seed butter and hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed butter is made by combining the fatty fractions and unsaponifiables of cold pressed hemp seed oil with hydrogenated hemp seed oil obtained from unsterilized hemp seeds. The butter is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and helps reduce moisture loss from the skin. Hemp seed butter is deep green in color and similar in feel to Shea butter. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy feel and is soothing to damaged or irritated skin.

Hemp Seed Oil has the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids and the highest amount of the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) making it a key nutritive ingredient in anti-inflammatory skin care formulations. Hemp Seed Oil is said to aid in the healing of skin lesions, dry skin, inflammations of the skin and joints.

Pictures to follow - everyone have a great day!

Also day - MAYBE...some pillar candles! We will see how much time this all takes.

I am finally back making more soaps!

This is a upbeat blend of fruit and floral. If you don't like fruit scents because they're too sweet, try Apricot Freesia. The Freesia really tones down the syrupy notes while the Apricot livens up the Freesia. It's a yummy blend that you'll fall in love with.

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