Well...after several requests, and waiting to get the tubes...I am now offering a 2 ounce size of our muscle/joint rub in a twist up tube!

I added it today to my etsy store.

This muscle sports rub is vegan friendly!

Well - last night I attempted to make the Black Raspberry soap...but I played around with the color and it didn't look like "Black Raspberry" to me, SO at the last minute I decided to change the fragrance to Pepperberry and add Poppy Seeds! Here is the description of Pepperberry Fragrance:

This complex warm blend starts out with traditional Black Pepper notes mixed with Black Orchid. This spicy, sensual mixture is accentuated with All Spice, Wildberries and Bulgarian Rose, finished up with heavier notes of Pine Needle, Oak and just a small hint of Vanilla. Because of the Vanilla notes in this fragrance, it will discolor to light brown or tan in your soap.

Welll I do know about Vanilla discoloring soap, I also know that some people use "vanilla stabilizers" - umm no thanks! So this soap should turn a very interesting color in a few days! We will see. It may darken further.

I made this soap using cocoa butter, olive oil, and rice bran oil. It has LOTS of rich bubbles and feels fabulous!

Pre-orders through this Sunday - take 10% off each bar! Bars will be about 4.2 - 4.8 ounces, handcut...and sell for $5.00 each!

I have added a poll to see what types of products people purchase! Please vote for the items you have/or currently do purchase!

Lots of rain and bad weather here today...wish I could stay home and make some soap - but I have to go to my day job!

Tonight I will be making a new soap "Black Raspberry"- it will be one of my tried and true recipies with shea and cocoa butter, lots of wonderful olive oil, and of course coconut and palm oils.

I will be making a small batch - so if you are interested, and love black raspberry, contact me for a pre-order before its all gone! 10% discounts for pre-orders in the month of February.

Coming soon will be my list of ingredients, the good the bad and the oh so ugly!

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